Lucine Kasbarian

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Location: U.S.

I wanted to let my forebears know — as I recalled those Armenians whose tongues and teeth were torn out and feet cut off — that we, the grandchildren of survivors, mindfully use our tongues to speak our native language, our voices to sing the folk songs of our elders, and our feet to perform the dances of our native villages.” – Lucine Kasbarian from her interview with Artists at War

Lucine Kasbarian is a second generation-born American-Armenian descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors. She was brought up in an Armenian-speaking home where humor, politics and the arts shared equal stage.

Lucine first began drawing political cartoons in response to the assassination of Armenian journalist and free-speech advocate Hrant Dink by a Turkish ultra-nationalist and as a way to constructively express her concerns about social injustice and réalpolitik.

As a cartoonist, Lucine’s intention is to spotlight realities and hypocrisies that do not receive adequate coverage in mainstream media; to see her work appear in media outlets that reflect the traditions of a truly free press; and to drive the points home in absurdist, paradoxical ways by drawing from history, popular culture and personal experience.

Lucine’s Kasbarian’s website

Lucine’s speach at the 50th Anniversary of Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society, NY Chapter (please advance to 33:52 if video doesn’t automatically do so):


Other Armenian Genocide resources:

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