Patricia Watwood

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Location: Brooklyn, U.S.

Patricia Watwood combines classical figures with a contemporary, dystopian urban landscape.

“I use narrative structures like symbols and myth to explore meaning in our common experience and to evoke a spiritual presence.  My work prioritizes aesthetic principles, technical rigor, craft, perception and design. My principle subject is the sacred feminine, which for me is an enduring vessel for the exploration of the human condition.

There’s a new concept in ecology called “The Great Turning.” It’s an idea that our whole society is a the beginning of a paradigm shift away from late model capitalism to a sustainable culture that can live in balance with the planet. I’m very inspired by this concept, and want in my own way to contribute to it through art.  I want to create a body of work that expresses both my feeling of vulnerability to our current world of change, and also points toward the human potential for hope and transformation.” – Patricia Watwood

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