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Location: NYC

Raemann are an urban artist duo combating the commercialization and privatization of natural resources and irresponsible use and disposal of plastic packaging.

“Everything centers on the commoditization of natural resources and on the marketing and selling of our environmental heritage that is fundamental and that – by its very nature – belongs to all of us.  In doing so we generate more waste and more needs.  It also has to do with economic hierarchy, with the idea that to have clean water you must be able to pay for it.  Our images picture a foreseeable future and the natural evolution of the privatization and water packaging. I want to say that plastic is an amazing material and a remarkable discovery, but it has to be used responsibly.  It is the short term versus the long term.  Plastic bottles became popular in the 1960′s and now traces of plastic debris can be found in all oceans and seas in varying degrees.”

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