Marchal Mithouard (Shaka)

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b. 1975  Location: Paris, France

“It’s all about human expression, the movement of their bodies representing the struggle for individuality in social power politics.”

“I like to compare my paintings with how governments work. With the end of the American dynasty for example. One personage will fall for sure, but because of it’s selfishness and violence, it will push others to fall down with it. I want to provoke a reflection about this selfishness in human behavior. ”

“My confrontation is not a speaking confrontation, it’s inside my art.  You have to fight some times – it is not my way of thinking, but sometimes if you want to be respected, you need to fight.”

-Shaka (from interview with Fernanda Hinke)

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The Making of  Onde De Choc by Sébastien Desmedt

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